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1+1 Mobileprotect Launched

Posted on July 15,2019

1+1 mobileprotect launched June 11,2019 at Green Sun Hotel

While you can buy different protectors, cases and pouches, you are never really assured that these are enough to protect your precious smartphone.
Esquire Tech Group offers not just one but two protection options for your valuable smartphones. Its 1+1 mobileprotect will give mobile phone users a premium device protection program offering extended warranty and an accidental damage insurance.

“A big trade-off with the high-end phones right now, despite the technological advancements, is that they are still breakable. You drop it on the floor, the screen could get broken; and while these devices are water-resistant, liquid damage is still not covered by the manufacturer warranty. That is why we are studying the market, developing a unique service product, partnering with a reputable insurance provider and finally securing regulatory approval.
“After a lot of preparation, 1+1 mobileprotect is now ready to provide mobile phone users with a superior device protection program that offers extended warranty plus accidental damage insurance, ultimately giving great value for money.”

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